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lunch menu from 11.30 untill 17.00 hour


egg dishes

Fried eggs with farmer ham or cheese or bacon or roast beef     from € 8.55
Fried eggs with roast beef € 9.55
Omelet pulled pork with mushrooms and bacon €12.95
Farmer omelet with bacon, cheddar and vegetables

         handcraft bread out the oven
                   white or brown

New York roll with spread, smoked salmon, camembert and red onion
Two Oma Bobs croquette whit white bread € 8.25
Two Oma Bobs vegetarian croqetten whit bread € 8.50
Roll with lightly smoked loin carpaccio with lettuce, pesto and parmesan
€ 9.95
Healthy roll with cheese or ham, tomato and cucumber
€ 7.95




Onion soup with bread and cheese € 6.95
Mustard chicken soup € 7.45

salads  small € 9.95    large € 16.95

Salad farandole: antipasti, pasta, roasted tomatoes, zucchini, coppa di parma, artichoke with pesto dressing
Salad with roasted goat cheese, pear salad, nuts and honey-apple-balsamico syrup  
Salad with crispy chicken, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms,
avocado and dressing

Salad Caroline with crab, smoked salmon and spicy avocado dip
Beans salad with roasted beef, roquefort cheese and yoghurt herb dressing  

flammkuchen from 12.00 hour

Flammkuchen with créme fraiche, Roquefort, sun nuts, raw ham
and lettuce
Flammkuchen with camembert, créme with herbs, mushrooms, red onion and lettuce €10.95
Flammkuchen with spicy pulled chicken, créme with herbs, sweet paprika,, red onion, mushrooms and lettuce
Flammkuchen with smoked salmon, onion, tomato
and mustard dill sauce

 lunch and starters

Bread platter with herb butter and dip € 7.95
Carpaccio of smoked loin steak with  pesto basil oil, pine nuts and parmesan cheese
Cheese plate with Dutch and foreign cheese with bread €11.95
Vitello tonato: slow cooked veal meat with tartare of marinated, smoked
salmon and tuna mayonaise
Fish plate of various sorts of fish and smoked fish with wasabi crème and bread
Avocado with Dutch shrimps, lettuce and cocktail sauce €12.95
Mushroom carpaccio with avocado, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and truffle dressing
Seasoned mushrooms with melted camembert from the oven € 9.95
Baked prawns in garlic oil

zotte burgers

Hamburger 100% beef with cucumber, lettuce, bacon, fried egg and fries €14.95
Burger of salmon with smoked salmon, lettuce, cucumber
and tarragon mayonnaise

Vegetarin burgers   

Burger of green beans, peas, black pepper, goat cheese and bread   €14.95
Burgers are served with  mustard-dill dressing and fries  

main courses of 12.00 hour

Roasted fillet of salmon with risotto, vegetables and sauce bearnaise
Tournedos served with vegetables
House steak XL light spicy marinated with sauce of your choice
Duck breast with carrot risotto and baked, caramelized apple
Skewer pork fillet served with peanut sauce, vegetables, rice and fries
Skewer of fillet of chicken with peanut sauce, vegetables and fries €16.45


Three peppers sauce € 3.95                Baked mushroom € 3.25  
Baked onions           € 2.95                Portion of fries      € 3.95  
Lombok, garlic, sambal sauce € 3.25




Welkom op het mooiste plekje aan de Westeinderplassen!

Beste gasten van de Zotte Wilg.

Op 31 mei sluit de Zotte Wilg
om op 15 juni
weer open te gaan als
Brasserie De Haven.
Het weekend van 29, 30 en 31 mei kunt
u nog maaltijden bij ons afhalen.

Wij danken iedereen en wensen
jullie een goede gezondheid



Café Restaurant In de Zotte Wilg
Uiterweg 27-A
1431AA Aalsmeer


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